Becoming a DJ – Where to Start?

As the electronic music bubble continues to expand in the US and beyond, many people are thinking about how to become a DJ.  Of course, the title of “DJ” can mean many things… there’s the bar/nightclub DJ, the wedding/mobile DJ, the radio DJ, and the guest (or performer) DJ.  Some people want to cut and scratch, some want to sample, some want to use a controller, some want to use turntables… there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have started a new blog in which I discuss all things related to DJing, especially the psychological aspects behind it.  I have also started a series of guides in order to help people learn or make decisions in order to get started in, or hone, their craft.

My latest guide is all about how to become a DJ.  Feel free to check it out!

Take it easy!

Becoming a Better DJ Through Passion and Purpose

Hello, all.

I just wanted to put a link on here to my new blog,  This is a site which focuses on the conceptual and psychological aspects of DJing, as well as providing helpful tips and discussions in that realm.

I hope that you will check it out, especially if you’re interested in becoming a better DJ through passion and purpose.

You can also check out my helpful guides, the first of which deals with how to choose the best DJ controller.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

The Snark – Unicorns on Vinyl

Unicorns on Vinyl – a classic trance mix.  Done the good ol-fashioned away… using two turntables, a mixer, and a pair of headphones.  An imperfect mix of chair-rave material just for you.

The Snark - Unicorns On Vinyl

What do you get when you combine some coffee, a few beers, a free night and a crate of your buddy’s old records that he left in your garage?  No, not just bad breath… a brand new mix of classic trance records.  :)

Yeah, this one’s a stray from my usual slower/deeper dance music… a full foray into the type of music that originally got me into this whole so-called “EDM” thing.  I don’t take this mix too seriously and neither should you… just having some fun.  Give it a listen… maybe you’ll enjoy it!

| Download Here |
Length: One Hour
Size: 144.4 MB
Bitrate: 320Kbps


01. Deep Space Organisms – De-tek Harmony
02. Antarctica – Lazarev (Under The Iceshelf Dub)
03. 4 Strings – Take Me Away (Resistance D. Remix)
04. Mathias Ware feat. Rob Taylor – Hey Little Girl (4 Strings Remix)
05. Albion – Air 2000 (The Summer “Monkey Mix”)
06. VIP – Ibiza (Lorimer’s Diablo Mix)
07. Patrick Reid – Goose
08. The Mystery – Devotion (DJ Tatana Sirup Mix)
09. Leama – Melodica (Humate Remix)

Get Housed

The show this past Tuesday was an absolute blast.  The vibe was awesome and so were the people.  Dancing all night long… everyone really seemed to dig the deep house sound that me, J. Lettow and Mike Donovan brought to the table.  I feel like I say this every time, but this is one of my most favorite live sets to date.  This is a pure house vibe.  There are a few returning tracks from my last set at Therapy (House of Love), and a smattering of new tracks I was super stoked to play.

Don’t know what else to say… click the link below and download this if you like deep but funky grooves!

| Download Here |

Special thanks to Mike Donovan (Thataboy Creative), both for putting the show on and for the artwork that I blatantly stole to make the image above!

House of Representatives

Two quick updates for today.  The first is that I’ve moved my site to a new host which should provide a lot more functionality and flexibility for me to do geeky things, so let me know if anything is not working.

Secondly, I will be playing alongside some great DJs at Therapy Cafe in Dayton on July 3rd for Red, White, & Boom-Tsk Boom-Tsk Boom-Tsk, and I’d expect a lot of deep and feel-good vibes.  I hope to see some friends there!

Okay, I lied, one more thing… a combination of Diablo III’s release and my interest in some programming projects has been taking up a lot of my music time lately, but I’ve been getting the itch again.  I promise I’ll get some new tracks put out there soon…

It’s The House of Love!

House of Love

Hello, friends.  Just a quick post with a recording from my warmup set yesterday at Therapy Cafe (Dayton, OH).  A night of all deep house called “House of Love”, an annual Valentine’s Day show put on by Mr. Mike Donovan in collaboration with Sistine Promotions.

No tracklist for now, but suffice it to say… it’s all deep grooves, lots of lush vocals, and just an hour and a half of really good tunes.  :)

Download link: The Snark – House of Love (Live @ Therapy Cafe, 02-14-12)

My Vision for a New Dayton Bar

Just some ramblings about the venue I wish we had here in Dayton, OH.

I envision a very classy and upscale (but not intimidatingly so… think Side Bar with reasonable drink prices and more music-centric) lounge.  One that is extremely clean and well-kept, with a consistent atmosphere and music program.  There would be ample lounge-like seating (couches and tables), not too dark, not too “clubby” (perhaps a gentle color wash here and there, instead of pew-pew lasers and LEDs), and excellent sound.  There would be a small food menu available, similar to how Therapy Cafe does it (third party okay).  Oh, and a very large selection of drafts/specialty beers. Continue reading

New Mix: Move Me

Move MeI originally put this mix together for a mix contest.  It did not win, but I enjoyed the music in this mix so much that I decided to share it here on my website.  It really expresses the groovy dark music that I’ve been into as of late.  There are some spectacular vocal moments and some melodic transitions that I’m really proud of… especially the transition between Hazel and Rendezvous, which lasts over the span of a few minutes. Continue reading

The Avalanche vs. The Snowball

Avalaaaaanche!I’m sitting here in the studio tonight, but I haven’t started creating any music yet.  I’ve noticed something about the way I work these days.  I think putting it down in words will help me to gain focus… or at least, to understand how to focus and what it means when I cannot.  I find myself discouraged when I don’t have huge blocks of time to work on music consecutively, or when I do have a huge block and I feel inclined to use it doing something other than something I am normally so passionate about.  You see, due to some major changes in my life a few years back, I lost a lot of momentum.  And I’m talking about 3 or 4 years that my music-making libido has been fighting against me. Continue reading